Sacramento River District

The Sacramento Delta is located in the heart of the Sacramento River Delta and is the earliest district in North America to produce Bartlett pears. Geographically on the southern end of the Sacramento Valley and Northern end of the San Joaquin Valley, the Bartlett pear harvest traditionally starts in early to mid July. The timing of the Sacramento Bartlett makes it possible to offer the pear of choice when the northwest and imported pear supplies are waning. Pre-conditioning with ethylene is offered on some of the earliest fruit to ensure uniform ripening. Our Bartlett pears from the River District are packed in the “First Lady” label.

First Lady

Mendocino County Mountain District

Located in the Ukiah and Potter Valley areas, most production centers around the fertile alluvial soils of the Russian River. Mendocino is generally the first area in the Mountain District to harvest, beginning around the end of July. With a smooth finish and superior ripening qualities Mendocino County Bartletts are the first of the much anticipated Mountain District pack. Scully Packing packs Bartlett pears from Mendocino in the"Mendo Mount" (36# Volume Fill) and "Snow Mountain” (40 LB Wrap) labels.

Snow Mountain
Mendo Mount

Lake County Mountain District

The largest growing area in the Mountain District, Lake County is considered by many the premier pear growing region in California. Fruit quality and appearance is often the best of the season. The warm summer days in combination with the cool evenings help create the characteristic pink blush that Lake County is renowned for. Lake County Bartletts consistently show a little lighter color than the earlier districts, although the shelf life is generally superior to other growing regions. The lighter color enhances retail sales due to consumer preference for higher maturity, better eating fruit. Scully’s Lake County pears are packed in the “Lake County Diamond”, “Maryka”, and “Blazing Star” labels.

Lake County Diamond
Blazing Star