Pear Harvest BucketScully Packing Company makes Food Safety a top priority and is committed to providing a safe and wholesome product to our customers and the public. Our management understands appropriate resources must be available to implement and continually improve the Company’s Food Safety Program. Routine reviews of the program occur to meet industry changes and demands. Our food safety program begins with top management and filters down to each and every employee affecting food safety.

In the early 2000s, Scully Packing Company voluntarily sought Third Party Food Safety Audits to ensure proper food safety standards were being followed. Since then, the progam has continuously evolved. Our packinghouses currently adhere to the Primus Labs GFS Packinghouse Audit with HACCP certification.

Taking it another step further, in 2012 we instituted a formal food safety program at the ranch level. All growers must now conform to a food safety program that includes annual ranch and harvest audits. Food safety at both the ranch and packinghouse levels are top priorities.


  • Primus Labs GFS with HACCP Certification in Packinghouse
  • Primus Ranch Audits or Global Gap Certification
  • Primus Harvest Audits
  • Certified Organic CCOF