Sustainability is a way of life at Scully Packing.  Our integrated Pest Management Plan (IPM) includes insect trapping and pheromone disruption programs to minimize chemical usage on our ranches.  We also monitor our fertilizer usage and participate in the state of California Irrigated Lands Waiver program to monitor any run-off, if any, from our farmed lands.  We utilize digitized water sensors to schedule our irrigations insuring our water use is necessary and efficient so all irrigations are necessary and efficient.

The entire California Pear Industry has been recognized as a “Pioneer in Sustainability” by SureHarvest, an organization specializing in helping Agricultural groups develop sustainability programs.  In the 1990’s California growers carried out the research trials for mating disruption, a cornerstone of every pear IPM program, through research funded through our California pear marketing order.  Marketing order assessments are set and paid for by the growers themselves, and research grants thus funded have included studies on hundreds of projects, including water management and effective fertilizer usage, sustainable cultural practices, and the post-harvest handling of fruit.


Scully Packing Company continues to make has also made on-going investments in sustainability in its packing and cold storage operations.  We have an active recycling program to that ensures all recyclables are put to their best use. We have installed solar systems in all of our storage and packing facilities. Between all four of our facilities, we have over one megawatt of solar generation.