Scully Packing Company is expecting a harvest similar in volume to last year’s pack.  All California pear districts have had an exceptional bud set and have experienced ample precipitation and very good chilling hours. These factors all set the stage for a strong crop.

Normal Start Dates:


  • Bartletts, River District: July 10th
  • Bartletts, Mountain District (Mendocino/Lake): July 31st
  • Bosc: July 24th
  • Reds Pears (Rosi then Crimson): July 18th
  • Organic Bartletts: July 18th
  • French Butter Pears: August 28th
  • Seckel Pears: August 28th
  • Forelle Pears: August 28th
  • Organic Bosc: August 1st